Our commitments

Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering a consistently high-quality level of services is the key priority of our 23,000 employees worldwide.

Measuring customer satisfaction to achieve operational excellence

Excellence starts by treating each customer as a guest and above all empowering our employees.

By setting a good example, taking pride in their work and offering customers a warm welcome and a service of quality, Areas’ teams do everything to ensure client satisfaction. This approach fosters virtuous growth since our consumer-satisfaction ratings serve to strengthen the confidence our concessionaire partners place in the missions entrusted to Areas, which, in turn, reinforces their loyalty. To measure customer satisfaction, we use tools such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) as well as mystery shopper programs and online surveys.


customers served every day

At your service; anytime, anyplace

The culture of service and customer attention are part of Areas’ DNA. Because of this, we invest heavily in staff training schemes to encourage employees to obtain qualifications and learn new skills. Programs such as Ace Team help staff members continuously improve the quality of service and achieve a recognized level of excellence. Whether they are serving commuters on a daily basis or adding sparkle to the travel experience for those embarking on major trips, Areas teams are always ready to adapt to changing customers flows and maintain service standards, and cope with the unexpected.

Safe , healthy and tasty food

Areas’ corporate social responsibility is underpinned by the its daily commitment to food quality and safety. Sustainability commitments cover every stage of the value chain from selecting ingredients through to serving meals. The quality processes include hygiene audits, product analyses and suppliers audits. Furthermore, Areas invests resources to reduce its ecological footprint and is focused on conserving natural resources and minimizing GHG emissions generated by its business activities.


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