Catering to the world of travel

Areas is one of the global leaders in Food & Beverage and travel retail, generating €1,832 billion in revenue in 2017/2018. Areas welcomes 340 million customers each year in 2,100 restaurants and points of sale in 12 countries, throughout Europe and America.

Welcoming the world’s travelers: that’s what we do

With operations spread across 12 countries in Europe and the Americas, Areas offers a broad range of services designed to meet the specific needs and expectations of domestic and international travelers. This unique offering combines the very best in contemporary catering with comfort for travelers in airports, railway stations and motorway service plazas, as well as at choice leisure locations.

Savor your way

There’s more to traveling than just getting from one place to another.

It’s about enjoying a complete experience defined by a whole range of ingredients.

One of these is catering. Because it occupies a unique place in our lives, at the personal and cultural level, catering has a symbolic significance, both in the moment and in our memories. When you need a break, there’s nothing quite like a tasty snack to relax, clear your head or focus. Sharing a moment around the table can take you on a journey to discover new tastes or make you feel at home.

People across the world have different motivations and expectations when traveling. Areas draws on its in-depth understanding of their needs and the most extensive range of catering concepts on the market to offer the perfect blend of ingredients for travelers to savor.

Areas. Savor your way.