Our franchised brands

Because people across the world have different motivations and expectations when traveling, Areas draws on its extensive expertise in the world of travel and its knowledge of travelers’ needs to offer them the ideal food concept when they are in transit.

Top and trendy brands to cater to the tastes of all travelers

Areas has developed partnerships with top international names, unique bespoke restaurants and large food retail brands. Areas boasts the market’s largest portfolio of brands that meet the diverse needs of consumers on the move, whether they want to grab a quick coffee between flights, enjoy a relaxing meal with family and friends, or take a break on a long journey .

Franchised Brands 2019

Co-branding concepts

Areas has built up partnerships with a portfolio of well-known consumer brands in order  to develop food and beverage concepts  which take advantage of our expertise in travel channel business as well as their innovation capacities, enhancing marketing synergies for the consumer benefit.


Cobranding concepts 2019